Signature collections are born solely from a collector′s individual mind and eye. After understanding the collector′s interests, tastes and goals, AOC embarks on locating the highest caliber material available. Three factors are integral to making informed acquisitions:

  • Extensive knowledge of the international art market; gallery and museum exhibitions, art fairs, biennales and auctions, offers access to the best material available.
  • Scholarly research, connoisseurship, analysis of provenance, authenticity and condition, all are part of AOC′s rigorous vetting process.
  • Pricing research of auction, primary and secondary sales, experienced sales negotiation and an understanding of international tax concerns ensure that the right value is achieved for the work in question.

After acquisition, AOC provides collection management services. This includes; shipping, conservation, framing, storage, security, installation, insurance, archiving, consignments, donations, appraisals and the de-accessioning of works of art.

AOC works solely in the service of its collectors, offering objective advice and assisting them in understanding the special interests of galleries, auction houses and museums. Integrity and transparency with the highest attention to privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to AOC.